Hi Dennis,
In the interest of equal representation on the gallery, I'm sending you a couple of photos of my Rivendell fixie. This one has been recently repainted as I found the original dark blue color just didn't do it justice. I'm the third owner of this mount, the first is P.S. whose bike is also posted elsewhere on the gallery. The bike currently shares the same wheel-set with my Della Santa. It rides as beautiful as it looks whether hauling my carcass to work, going to coffee shop with the ladies, or playing pack fodder on Saturday club rides. I've been riding it more often than my other bikes since it is more suitably outfitted for the wet Winter we been having.
Have a wonderful Holiday, Tom Truong - velot@yahoo.com

January 20, 2004 Update
Hi Dennis,
Here's some latest shots of my bike. I think it looks just about right this way. That's a set of Albatross bars flipped upside down, shortened ends, capped with cork grips. The result is a cruiser that can still go pretty fast when requires. If you look close enough you can see those cool valve caps...
Cheers, Tom