Hurrah! At last I've finally done. Thank you very much for this site. I've been looking at this site for the better part of two years, that's right, and waited all this time. A few months ago I made the desicion to do it, then it all just fell into place. I bet there are some of you out there wondering whether to do it or not - pondering. Well I can heartily say, GO FOR IT. It's been a steep learning curve, as I build it up myself, with no previous experience either of bike building or fixed riding. Both have proved to be a great pleasure and a joy. In fact so much so, I'm willing to help out. If any of you guys live in London, UK, especially South East London, and are not quite sure, I'll help you build a fix and get riding. I'll tell you, you won't look back.
Parts and specs: Henry Gregson frame bought from e-bay, which had forks and BB. Back wheel Mavic Open Pro rim, with System Ex hub, Sapim spokes. Front wheel Rigida rim, shimano deore dx hub (only 2 on ebay) dt spokes. 17t 3/32 track cog and 42t chainring out of a parts bin. Bars are Cinelli turned upside down and hacksawed. Still have to put some tape on them. Campag veloce front brake from my old bike which has been stripped of parts and no longer exists. 170mm cranks and time atac alium pedals. Tyres are specialized armadillo turbo - no punctures.
Took about three months to source and acquire the parts and tools and develop the necessary skills. If anything goes wrong I can fix it. Never ridden fixed before, so was a bit scared, but actually took me about a day to learn and now I ride all over London. It's great!
Arup Sen -