> Add to Address Book To: fixedgearwizard@yahoo.com Late 80's GT Outland Fixed Gear Conversion - Frame, fork, stem, bar $1 + S&H on Ebay! I was fully prepared to cut off dropouts and braze on track forks, but got lucky with the chainstay length and 51 total teeth (front and rear). Here's the story on the rear wheel...When the wife's ATB cassette freewheel started clicking last spring I thought, "I'll FIX that." JB Weld is now holding the former "free" hub prisoner and holding up well. Fingers remain crossed. Old cogs make good spacers but don't look so hot. Here's how I "fixed it"--I disassembled the entire cassette and liberally appied JB Weld to every surface but the bearing cup and spline to hub. When I first disassembled, I was a bit worried as 30+ bearings rolled out, but was later pleased when the JB Weld held them in place nicely for reassembly. It was really alot like a grease rebuild but a lot stickier. Every pawl groove in rotor...every bearing...each pawl and spring clip...and the groove between stator and rotor got buttered with JB Weld. I'm currently running 36/15 gearing on this 18" MTB frame with 1.5" slick tires. My insurance policy is an XT front V-Brake. Evil clown bell is available when brakes and legs fail. As a 5yr MTB freewheel single speeder, I plan to take it off road when I have a little more practice under my belt. I believe I'll give myself the choice of 34/17 when I start to hit the roots and rocks of the MD piedmont. See http://geocities.com/blandfordw for more bike pix. William Blandford - Willi.Blandford@pgcps.org