Hi, Love your site and I'd like to make a submission if I may. It's my second fixie (my first is my NotAGibson track bike) and it's the first I built up myself.
This is also the 3rd Apollo frame on your site I believe. Apollo are a fairly cheap and very common Australian frame. I got it from a mate "bikesoiler", for a 6-pack of Mountain Goat beer :)
Image 201_0145.jpg shows the frame in the condition I got it. I used an angle grinder and file to remove all cable guides and the kickstand mounting plate. It was then sandblasted and powdercoated.
This bike is called "Vegemite" in honour of the great Aussie spread of the same name. Just like Vegemite the spread, the bike is black (gloss black powdercoat). It currently has the clincher wheels off my track bike fitted but will eventually get some deep-dish yellow rims. The Vegemite logo is yellow and red so that will be the colour theme of any parts I fit from now on.
I will get around to putting "Vegemite" decals on it but for now it's devoid of logos.
The parts are mostly from a new Miche track groupset with a KMC BMX chain because the Miche chain wasn't long enough for the road-length chainstays.
The seat tube is a strange diameter so I couldn't use the lovely Miche 27.2 post. Profile bullhorns from ebay. Dia-Compe lever from Mick at Croydon Cycle Works who also provided the workshop for the build - many thanks! Caliper was included with a frame I bought from aus.bicycle's "Lynzz". Saddle is the most painful thing I've ever sat on and must be destroyed! :)
For the build process, my other bikes and race pics, see: www.thehippy.net/gallery/
hippy - (Melbourne, Australia) - sbirnie@bigpond.com