There's my Miata track bike...
I got this frame used from some guy I accidentaly found online, a messenger co worker of mine hooked me up with those golden Record cranks, the back wheels a suzue/mavic I used to have on my schwinn conversion, and the front wheel is a bomb proof roadtandem wheel, with a parallax hub i lovingly overhauled to make silky. The saddle's an SLR my dear grandma got me when I started messengering. Polo nubs are a nice change from my usual track drops, I alternate regularly (and obviously, I race the allycat with drops and then switch to polo for the after party :-D
Keep up the good work on the site! (although, move up the submission bit to the top, it took me a while to find it) [ed: will do]
Thanks, Andrea Kopp - -