Hey! Iv'e been meaning to send these photos in for a long time, and finally I've gotten around to doing it (over a year later!). This is Jonny Cycles number 1. The first frameset I ever built. It was originally intended for use on the velodrome only (Kenosha). But not long after I finished the bike my fixed gear/road conversion 3-Rensho frame broke at the downtube. So - this bike became my everyday ride which is good, because honestly I don't get to the track in Kenosha to race as much as I like. I do however replace the tubular wheels w/clinchers for around town because well....skidding with nice tub's is just plain wrong. Some details on the frame: Standard size Dedacciai Zero Uno light gauge tubing (I'm a skinny guy....plenty stiff for me) with fittings scavenged from the darkest corners of the Yellow Jersey here in Madison, WI. Bocama pro lugs, some unknown french track ends, etc.... Sort of a mix of components: Campagnolo Record track crank with messenger cred - used hard in a previous life by a S.F. courier. Zeus track pedals, chrome steel cages w/laminated Euro Asia Imports straps. Fiame red label rims glued to Tufo S3 tubulars and laced to Suzue Pro-max hubs. Nitto bars and stem. Brooks Swift saddle on a Campagnolo cro-mo post. Gearing is 51 x 16 for the velodrome and 51 x 19 for the streets. I've fallen in love with it and decided everyone should have one....so I haven't stopped building frames since. Jon.