hey Dennis, Heres my mid-70's Ross Gran Le Tour. I bought the bike for $5 off ebay and stripped it of most of the parts and the paint.
-A custom Arctic Blue and Cream spray paint job (it
actually looks suprisingly good)
-Formula front and rear hubs laced w/velocity rims
-Mix-matched pair of Sugino/Aerox 165mm track cranks
-16t Japanese track cog
-48t Annodized blue track chain ring
-Suntour stem (original from frame)
-Fizik poggio saddle (spent way too much on this)
-Hacked of cruiser bars, flipped upside down
-Old no-name brakes and levers (original from frame)
-700c Continental Ultra 2000's
-A new headset ASAP
-New seatpost
-New front brake and better lever
As listed above I'm running 48 x 16, kind of hard getting up the hill to my house (it seems like I live in the hilliest section of Washington, DC) but oh well, im gonna have some huge calves and be glissening with sweat after i get up it a couple more times.
Thanks for the stupid fresh site, Chris Graham - chrisgraham81@yahoo.com