Dennis, please include my bike in the gallery.

The frame was custom built for me in 1983 by Chris Chance, who later made Fat Chance mountain bikes. Beautifully constructed with Columbus tubing, Henry James lugs and GP Wilson stainless vertical dropouts. Great ride! After 21 years of faithful service, it's still in good shape, though the paint needs touching-up. Original components Campy NR/SR and Cinelli. Has evolved over the years with Speedplay pedals, Brooks B-17 saddle, Banana Bag, Nitto bars and stem (wider and higher) and excellent Rivendell Ruffy-Tuffy tires with "Speedblend" colored sidewalls. After being inspired by your website last winter, I converted it to a fixed gear. Got a new rear wheel from Sheldon Brown, with White Industries eccentric hub which makes fixed possible with the vertical drops. Subtracted unnecessary parts. The hilly terrain in southern Vermont is very challenging and even short rides are a great workout. Gearing is 42/16. Uphills are a hard push and steep downhills force me to spin faster than I previously imagined possible. A front brake is essential to avoid death and destruction. Didn't shift or coast all season until recently adding an 18T freewheel to the flip side (and a rear brake) so I could experiment with riding all the way over the local mountains. However, decided that I don't like the freewheel because you just sit there passively going down hill. So, took off the freewheel but kept the rear brake for more security on steep descents. Looks like I may settle on fixed gear only, two brakes. It's "wicked fun!"