Hello Michael,
I get my Scorcher up and riding! I will take a few pictures later and send them to the Fixed Gear gallery but i give you the exclusivity.
I am not satisfied with the handlebar and I am trying to have a Nitto Moustache.
I have been riding it (to work) a few days in Changzhou. I will bring it later to Shanghai to ride with my kids aqnd around the east part of town.
The guy is one of the welders who did the frame. These Chinese workers deserve much more credit and admiration than what they usually get. I know that many of the frames they do are crap, but it is because the M arket (Walmart, Carrefour, Metro etc) wants it, not because the workers are not skilled.
If you plan to spend a Sunday in Shanghai, let me know.
Patrick - patrichoebeke@lycos.com