Hello and thanks for the wonderful website! I've been interested in fixed gear bicycles for a while but it was only after seeing your website that I became really inspired to build my own.
This is my first fixed gear built from a late 80s Fuji road bike. The frame is 4130 Chrome-Moly and really rides beautifully. The wheels are stock Araya rims with SR hubs - nothing special, but it works great. The bike is running a 40x17 ratio which is a little short for me, but at least I have a good work out. The bars are your standard inverted and chopped drop bars with an old "drilled" Dia-Compe lever - the cost was nil, but it's odd enough to get some positive comments from other riders here in Chicago. The bike weighs in at just a hair over 20 pounds, not the lightest fixie around, but being used to much heavier bikes it's always pleasing to me. I built this bike myself and relied heavily on articles by Sheldon Brown and your own excellent 'Rear Wheel Repurposing' article that took a lot of the mystery out of redishing and respacing the rear wheel. I've come out of this bike project with a lot of DIY knowledge and new ideas. I think for my next challenge I'll try to build my own wheels using a proper track hub. It never ends does it? :-) W. F. Revis - Chicago - will@secondcitysavant.com