This bike is a work of art.

To me, it represents the complete embodiment of form and function in way that integrates design components of line, plane, mass, etc. It also embodies aerodynamic design ideologoies that were current at the time. Enough art talk.

This bike was built for East German sprinter Lothar Thoms, who was a phenomenal time triallist and pursuitist. In preparation for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Thoms had Cinelli conceive this bike. Cinelli Design Studio created a bike that was aero in every way, from the special Columbus Multi-Shape tubing with webbed braze panels (no - it is not Bondo).

The headset is invisible, and is an integrated synergy of headtube, fork, stem and a series of needle and roller bearings that are fixed when the stem is inserted and tightened - compressing the bearing races against the internal journals. Notice how the top tube is coplanar with the stem extension and flats of the handlebars. The extended bottom bracket shell forms a foil around the leading edge of the rear wheel - another aero advantage.

Cinelli produced a limited number of custom laser cycles under the Evoluzione concept - this bike is the only one made of this type. Cinelli Evoluzione Laser cycles are included in the permananet collection of NY Museum of Modern art, and Chicago's Museum of Contemporary art.
Ken Denny - Boston -