The Gallery and Forum are on the cutting edge, it is great that you have created a place where ideas and projects can be shared.
Here are some photos of a project that combines three personal passions--fixed gear, internally geared hubs, and Moultons. This is a Moulton APB with a Sturmey Archer AW hub that was modified to be a two speed fix with neutral. There is a shot of the modified internal parts that will surely be of interest to some of the regulars of the forum.
Thanks to Gilbert Anderson at North Road Bicycles for the nice wheelbuilding job. Notice the little brass washers under the spoke heads to compensate for the thin hub flanges!
Some of the parts:
Rims: Velocity Razor 406
Tires: Schwalbe Stelvio 28X406
Saddle: Brooks B-17
Shifter: Shimano left RSX STI for triple chainwheel
Gearing: 52/13, gives a 75 inch gear in high, around 56 in low.
Graham Webster -