Your web site is fantastic...not to mention addictive. The Beijing work bikes photo essay is great.
I'm submitting some photos of my fixie. A guy who builds for Seven saw my bike on the street and told me about your web site. He suggested the bike might warrant a spot in your gallery. So here it is:
I've been sprinting around town for some 30 years now. Strictly urban stuff, every day, in all weather. No recreational riding really. I haven't really though much about the quality of my bikes till now. I had an old Motobecane from the 70's for 15 years or more. It was very quick but the down tube snapped. This fixie is the result of finally thinking about a quality ride.
The heart and soul of this bike is Matt Chester's Indie Rock Ti frame. His craftsmanship is impeccable. The fork is steel, by Rick Hunter and I think it is perhaps the most elegant i've seen. The track crank, bottom bracket, headset, and brake are all Campagnolo. Bars are Nitto
Daniel Gorini -