here's my bike! i got the melton road frame as a hand-me-down from a friend and immediately ripped off the shifters, brakes, levers, deraillers, and cables. i also sawed/bonked off the cable stops and replaced the seatpost, the seat, the cranks, the pedals, and the front wheel with components i had sitting around. the back wheel i acquired from trackstar in NYC, and the bullhorn bars, salsa grips, and cinelli bartape i got for 25$ at joe's bike shop here in tallahassee. i've assembled and disassembled each component myself- no mechanic has touched this bike as long as i've had it- and it runs like magic. the red, white, and silver decals on the frame say "MELTON", and "XXX" (i added the straightedge X's). hopefully i'll be able to update this soon with a better picture. i love my bike! --