Here 'tis - my custom retro fixie from Jonny Cycles. Had the idea to do a flip-flop rear 'cuz variety is...well, you know. Started with e-Ritchie's fork crown and stiffeners, the ones with the spade, heart, club and diamond cutouts and it just kinda grew from there. The flip-flop and suits of cards theme led to the Dealer's Choice (Cherce for those in Northeast Yankeeland) moniker.

Wheels are Velocity Deep V rims laced to Phil high flange hubs with that flip-flop rear. Crank and BB are the TA Pro V Vis and TA pisté pedals (44 x 17). That's a NOS 1984 Modolo Professional stopper set in black. Assorted dressy bits from Berthoud and Brooks. Toe straps are Cornelos panto'd with the Colnago C (which also stands fer Cherce here) and club, just to carry the theme to wretched excess. Even the HKK track chain was chosen, in part, for it's aesthetic contribution.

You can tell she just came off the assembly line 'cuz the white bar tape is still clean.

-- Phil Knoxville, Tennessee