If any of you have a folding bike rusting in the corner of your garage then fix it. It's not as difficult as it seems and it's fun to build and drive. I bought the original Fongers m2000 (1968) 5 months ago just because i thought it had an interesting frame, it is just a square tube with some cuts and some added stuff. The frame doesn't fold but seatpost and stem were adjustable. i saw the bmx fixed (#1421) wich made me think about the dusty 20 incher. A unfinished trackframe provided the (shortened) fork and dura-ace cranks. it's 51-14 is about the same as 42-16 for 28".Then i made v-cuts to make the angles the same as my #1456 bike and ordered the airline rims and thinner tires at a recumbent shop. Not sure wich handlebar to keep on it, drops or shortened downhill. It,s more fun to drive then my 28" bike because it's easy to throw it around corners and other cyclists. And the small wheels give an extra dimension to skids and trackstands. now this is my daily driver and if someone from the Netherlands is interested in #1456 let me know cause i can only use one bike at a time anyway.
Thanks for this great site, Lennart lennzuyd@hotmail.com