Hey Dennis, thanks for keeping this site alive! Sf loves it like a bible! wanted to show you my cinelli Olympic. Midlife crisis Porsche 911 huh!? I love it, just can't leave it locked anywhere in my neighborhood. It's a 53cm 90's cinelli Olympic frame and fork, with a set of polished paul hubs and red velocity deep v rims, vittoria tires, campy pista 165 cranks, campy bb, campy pedals, clips, and red straps, a red izumi bmx chain, and chain ring bolts, a vintage campy post, a red cinelli bmx plastic seat, vintage campy headset, cinelli stem, fiamme pista 38cm bars, strong g grips, and a home made frame pad! The bike is incredible, no overlap on the pedals, simple, quiet, and fast! Would not last a day in nyc, but sf glams a little more, must be the sunshine! Thanks for showing the rest of the world how this sub-culture destroys all!
Mike Martin - mike@mikorp.com