Hi Dennis -
I bet every single person says this, but I love the site. It's taking me ages to go through all of the bikes! Hope my "ultimate work bike" is up to scratch!
I have just built up an ancient (but lovely) Kona Kilauea frame for courier work in London. I started off trying to build it on the cheap using old components I had lying around (the Record chainset, Avid cantis and time trial bars), but then it all got out of hand and I bought some Pace RC31 carbon forks. The Kore stem, no-name carbon seatpost and Spot singlespeed wheels were cheap on eBay. Because I live at the top of the biggest hill in the city I'm running 44/17, and I wanted the bike to be light without spending crazy money. Next for the bike, I want to get some track ends fitted and a respray. :)
I have enclosed the main photo. There are some close-up pics in this location: http://www.pm-04.com/ss/
Hope me hosting the pics has saved you a bit of bandwidth.
Keep up the great work on the site.
Lewis Miller - Lewis.Miller@ucl.ac.uk