A regularly-ridden vintage fixed.

This Jones Special was built by Jones Cycles, Christchurch, New Zealand for a J. Hamilton some time in the 30s.

Built of Accles and Pollock Kromo, the Jones features 28 x 1 3/8 Endrick rims (a common size in Australia and New Zealand), Baylis-Wyley double-fixed hubs, Williams 7 inch cranks, BSA wing-nuts and a Major Taylor stem.

The bike is almost as I found it at a church fair some 15 years ago. The saddle, Apex tyre inflator and Lucas King of the Road bell are additions from my stock of old parts. The pedals are suitably distressed Japanese steel rat-traps of surprisingly good quality, fitted with Christophe clips.

The Jones is a comfortable machine to ride and still gets a gallop when the weather's right. Pulling up those big steel rims from speed is a thigh-building experience.

Michael Toohey. Rangiora, New Zealand.