HI Dennis -

Thought I'd send you a picture of my new messenger bike, which I put together while FGG-1451 is getting Surly track ends brazed in, and a respray (finally!) This bike is SO fast in the city it's insane - I'm running a 42x15t gear.

The Pace RC31 forks work so well on my other bike that I bought another pair for this - the Kore stem and ITM time-trial bars were also donated from another bike. I have a single XT v-brake behind the crown - no squealing - with a Dia-Compe lever. I'm using a Selle Italia SLR saddle and a LONG no-name carbon post. It has an old Campag b/b with a Record chainset (42), and the sprocket and lockring are Dura-Ace.

The front wheel is a crazy Spinergy SPOX that was lying around in my flat (non-aero but super-light and great for climbing), the rear is a Goldtec flip-flop hub with a Mavic Open Pro rim and black Revolution spokes; the first wheel I ever built myself... I have a Dura-Ace 28-hole front wheel that I save for weekends!

Tyres are excellent Paselas, pumped up as hard as they'll go with my track pump - about 7 bar. ;-) Split and wrapped inner-tubes protect my paint from the lock I slam round it, and let me sling the bike against lamp posts and parking meters.

I love the wishbone seat-stays on this frame, distributed by Brant at On-One here in the UK. It handles so well in traffic (telekinetic steering!), accelerates awesomely and the compact feel works really well, especially with the wheel near the front of the track ends (shorter wheelbase). Although the front is a little "jacked up" by the forks, they are much steeper than the stock ones, so it's all come together nicely with the low bars.

Cheers, keep up the ace site - I look all the time, and some of the bikes are gorgeous!

-- Lewis Miller  Lewis.Miller@ucl.ac.uk