Thank you for the incredible compendium of fixed gear bicycles. It always inspires!

This Panasonic DX-5000 with Tange butted tubeset has been on the roadways for a couple of years now. It was my first fixed project, and the one which started the addiction. I intervened to save the frame from a dumpster during a local shop's backroom cleanout, and then put it together from parts on hand and a few select purchases. It has front and rear brakes as it lives in Northern California and does tackle the hills (and ensuing downhills) now and again.

Gearing is 42 x 15T. Cranks are old Shimano 600's in 165. Brakes are Suntour Cyclones. The fixed bit of the wheelset is a 36h Suzue flip-flop hub on a Mavic MA-3. It runs smooth, fast & light.

The tires in this photo are Speedblends from the Rivendell website. They look a tad odd just sitting there, but when you get them up to speed, they pulse with two colors which move around the rims. The action of the colors depends upon your speed. I'm sometimes worried that the color show might tweaked someone into a flashback, but so far nothing... They also seem to bother some of the more uptight "coasters", but set off the white to silver metallic fade paint very well. The tires themselves are tough with a nice round profile - great for covering long miles.

I have a longer description of the build here:

Keep up the good work!

-- Jim