If I'm not mistaken, I believe this might be the first Gary Fisher frame in the gallery - no surprise, really. Short story long, I purchased this bike back in '96 with a bit of leftover student loan money (you gotta love that!). I used it for 2-1/2 years to commute back and forth to my art classes and then it sat unused for a couple of years after I got married. It was purchased cheap by a good friend of mine, who converted it into a nice road / commuter and it served him well for nearly 3 years of everyday riding. Through a bit of creative wrangling, the bike fell into my hands once again several months ago, and I decided to create my own commuter out of it. In retrospect, I wish I had lopped off all the extra braze-ons before painting it, but at the time I was thinking that I would make it into a single-speed. It was sort of an impulse decision to go fixed after looking through your site, and well... you know the story after that. No going back.

The stuff worth mentioning: Bulletproof 165 cranks w/ eggbeaters, 40t Rocket Ring, 16t Dura-Ace track cog w/Surly lock. I can't stress how lovely and perfect the ENO hub is... works like a charm, and takes so much of the worry out of the equation. Brooks B17, super-quiet shimano front v-brake, and Conti avenue semi-slicks. the bars are scrap pile chop-n-flip.

Shout-outs to bikes #1788, #1504, and #463 for inspiration, but all the bikes in the gallery are beautiful beyond words. Keep up the great work!