Greetings again Dennis!

In honor of Bike to Work Week/Month, here's my stalwart fixed-gear commuter. It's been on the road since late last year and evolved over the winter into what you see here.

The first shot is taken at one of the high points of my commute, both physically and spiritually, as after spitting and snarling and traversing my way up the hill, I get to look down at the traffic crawling along. Rolling on past them, I arrive home tired yet always refreshed.

This project began with an older Dawes found lying forlornly in the corner of a garage sale. Under the layers of dust and grime, you could still see the Reynolds 531 tubing stickers. It needed a full strip and clean, originally to be resold. But, a fortuitous call to the LBS coincided with a grumpy customer reneging on his special order for a Surly flip-flop/MA3 32h fixed rear wheel. It was a sign that needed to be followed. So, the Dawes became fixed.

Almost all of the rest of the parts had been attached - Campy GS Cranks & BB, Cinelli "Campione del Mondo" bars held by a beautifully sculpted TTT "blade" stem, with a Shimano 600 single pivot front brake. Kept the other lever on for symmetry. Added a Brooks Pro with skivved edges from Harris Cyclery, a set of Esge/SKS fenders for winter weather worthiness and requisite lighting. Gearing ended up at 42 x 16T. The slightly mismatched tires are both Conti's. Handlebar bag is a Rivendell Hobo bag, which continues to suprise me with its versatile, yet simple design.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

-- Jim

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