dennis, this is my last bike, "domina". i think she's the best bike i rode 'till now smooth, nervous, fast, elegant, a fairy tale on mouvement. i falled in love with her from the first ride, more than my beloved "dora nera" and "ferro e vino". much more.

she's an olmo track frame i found in a mighty place near rome, a place named by me "the cave of marvels" for the amount of beautiful track frames and bikes (pista tandem too) inside the cave.

the frame, from the '70, is columbus z tubes, chromed track fork & ends. painted with a cream colour and two layers of semi-fluo acrylic transparent. the gear is 48-16 and, at that time, i HAD to put a LOCKRING because of the miche two-bits pista cog. brooks honey saddle, red ambrosio evolution rims, campagnolo record pista hubs.

she's a queen. the name comes from that simple evidence. domina, in latin, means woman and "queen" too (the today italian is "signora"). and domina, in italian, means "she rules" too.

she rules in rome, and i found she rules in every corner of italy.

paolo, aka rotafixa.