After nearly two years on my Giant CFR #632 it was finally time to buy a "real" fixed frame.

I saw this Cannondale Track bike in a store window in my home town, and just had to get it, even though it'd been waiting for over two years to find an owner. The store manager was pretty happy to get it out of the shop...

Converting it from standard trim to my comfortable suit of gear (off #632) and dual brake lever system went problem free, but again the Spinergy/SurlyFixxer hub took some work. The Spinergy has a 130mm axle, but the frame required 120mm.

So using a hand drill as a lathe, I carefully cut _exactly_ 5mm from the left axle end, and then removed about 4-5mm from the right threaded end. When re-inserting the left axle stop I found that it needed to be shortened by a few mm (nearly to the rubber O-ring seal) to allow it to seat properly into the shortened axle. The 5mm axle spacer previously used on #632 is also now unnecessary.

The hollow axle requires a quick-release but they're not available in 120mm, nor are they strong enough to hold the wheel back/straight. Both issues are overcome by using a BMX chain tensioner. Co-incidentally, the chain tensioner has a guide which locks against the front of the axle, so no shear force is carried by the quick release skewer... lucky break.

The drive train is 1/8" and I'm currently using 44-16 on 165mm cranks. ___________________________________________ Phillip Stevens ___________________________________________