After getting hooked on track racing - instantly - this summer and going right out to buy a Fuji 2005 Track bike, I knew I needed to get well trained for next year's racing season. A new friend that I met during track racing, and a loyal visitor, talked to me about the benefits of riding a fixed gear all year long. I decided to buy a fixed gear bike specifically for winter training since I did not want to junk my 'track' bike. I wanted one with character, playfulness and color for the gloomy northwest winters.

Her name is Milly and she is pretty. I bought her off Craigslist so I have no idea what year she is. I was told it is a Windsor Bicycle Frame. Milly sports a pink chain on which I call her 'pink bracelet'. She also has speedblend tires which as they rotate the colors blend together to make beautiful aqua and purple colors. I bought her specifically to build strength over the winter to be ready for the velodrome next year. I have a 42 x 16 on her and only the front brake is hooked up to help with those "seattle" hills and crazy traffic.

Front Wheel: Mavic CXP32 (SUP) Rear Wheel: Velocity Aerohead Salsa handle bars (recycled cycles) San Marco seat - old style - big, feels like suede almost Raleigh SR Seat Post Bullseye rear hub OB-1 front hub Super maxy crank