Finally. At last. Thanks to Dennis and the Gallery, I've found a new way to ride and my favorite old bike is back on the trails.

Late 80s Wicked Fat Chance. Was my race bike (had gears then), then collected abuse and dust. Fixing her was harder than it should have been thanks to some bad BB choices by Chris Chance and the guy at Bullseye. But thanks to Pill Wood and several LBSs, the cranks turn again (and the Bullseye cranks decorate my work bench).

Today was our inagural ride up and down yonder mountian. The ride and the ride couldn't have been better. We had a heavy rain last night so the trails were packed and tacky and much more forgiving than usual. More importantly here in the LA basin, the air was crisp n clear.

Parts aren't much to list. Big ups to White Ind for the ENO hub, without which I'd just be a single speeder. Gears are 32x19 which means I grind up the trails and flail down them. Here at the base of the San Gabriels, there is no middle ground.

I will express my thanks for this best site ever with some PayPal cash. Soon I will submit more cash and shots of Wicked's slick tired neighbor (waiting on receipt of some scorcher bars from Gaansari).