HI Dennis,

Thanks for the site!

This is "G-Pumpkin" my baby, my ride very first build. (with massive help from Kiwi Paul a local mechanic). Got this as a geared bike abandon at work covered in duct tape, with full on hand torches taped to the bars and seat stays. The poor thing had been there so long the tires were actually rotten. I originally traded Paul, the bike for mechanic lessons. As we started to clean and pull the crap off of it became increasingly clear that this wasn't just any bike!

PX 10 Anniversary Edition Peugeot 1982, has loads of nice features including aero tubing, hidden cabling and chromed forks, lovely Malliard hubs, in near perfect condition. I've kept everything I could original. CLB front brake (some say that's cheating but I've been glad for it on several occasions) Stronglight cranks, SBD.. I've got some ancient Orange Vittoria's that match the top tube's florescent striping and the Condor bar tape perfectly, but have since swapped them for Conti's (which don't match exactly but aren't cracked). I'm running 46/15 for those that think that matters. I've only seen one other here in London, and heard they are quite rare. This was coming back to T.O with me, but I've just acquired a Mercian Track Frame which is more likely to make that skip across the pond.

Jacqui Shannon's PX10