Hi Dennis,

Awesome site! I am enclosing pics of my first fixed gear. I just finished today and am trying the bars both ways (see below).

The frame is a Sekine, likely from the 70s, and it was in pretty rough shape when my brother rescued from a local dumpster. All the cable hangers were bolt-on so I didn't have to cut anything off. The drop out width was a bit small for my When I saw the chrome chainstays and fork, I had hoped the entire frame would be chrome but no such luck. I rattle canned it rustoleum red and it came out pretty nice.

The bars were salvaged off on an old (50s) tandem and cut down. The Nitto stem, Sugino GP cranks, chainring, and pedal came off an abandoned Fuji. The wheelset is new and is the only part (other than the chain and tires) that I bought. The hubs are Formula (flip flop, 17t fixed, 18t free) w/ Weinmann rims and Michelin 25C tires. Brooks B-17 saddle and no-name seat post round out the parts.

This is kind of a cruiser fixie for bombing the boardwalk here in Santa Barbara and I have now set my sites on a more aggressive fixie for hard workouts.