My first submission was #1029 in 2004: http://www.fixedgeargallery.com/2004/d/hippy.htm

I've since moved to from Melbourne to London and "woe is me" had to buy a new fleet of bikes!

Here's my English-built commuter weapon for you and the FGG fans - a T.I. Raleigh Team Track, dated to 1979 using the serial number on the bottom bracket. It's built with Reynolds 531, a strong type of liquorice, I believe, and rides sweet and zippy through the mess that is London traffic.

Rather than bore you all with details, the full spec. and story can be found here: http://thehippy.net/nucleus/index.php?itemid=674

Dennis, you must spend my donation money on beer!

Questions about the bike or where your mum was last night, email hippy @ thehippy.net.