I already finished my new fixi. His name is Tóbiás (or Tobias), and my name is Norbert. I was making it for about 3 months. The frame is a hungarian made schwinn-csepel, from the beginning of 90's (55 cm) hard, heavy, strong with a pist geometry. The crank is a Shimano 105 '94 52T, with an XT bottom bracket. The stem and the handlebar are, Altrix OS 31.8, very beautiful, without any writings on it. The wheels are made of Mach1 Roadrunner rims, 2mm DT spokes with a Bike Positive fixed gear rear hub, and a 93' DeoreXT front hub. Tires are schwalbe blizard 18mm kevlar. A Cane Creek A-head set with a noname, but lighweight aluminium fork. The Chain is a KMC K810 running on a Sontour 14T chainring. The saddle is from a Balance mountanbike, with a BBB 26,0 seatpost. '97 105 pedals. And finaly a Zzyzyx tape. These are the 3 things that i kept in view under the construction: simplicity, light weigt, and no names (brands).It's about 9,13 kgs, and it costs 300 $. Naturaly it's not finished, i'll never finish it, my plans are: new full black paint of the rims, spd pedals, a new seat and an 47-13 gear (i haven't got more ideas YET). Actualy i use it on road, but at spring i will test the pist, or the pist will test me! It was a very big experiance to ride it, i had to re-learn rideing a bike, it's very intresting but i enjoy it. I like the long stopping distance, the high speed with no voice, the low rpm on the rises and the exciting slopes, with "no brakes". Everybody said that i'm stupid because i ride without brakes, they can't understand the fixed gear IS the brake, and i can stop with it! I'm waiting for comments, new ideas, and hard criticisms:

Peace :norbert-tóth