Hey Dennis, all the usual thanks and praise for the best thing on the net by far. Here is Little Peu, a minor legend in our circle here having served well as the gateway bike for a couple of friends (tony g and linda b) before coming to me and having the gears removed. Itís been giving my first submission (#2545) a welcome winter break and these (bit crap) snaps were taken after it had carried my weary ass 92 cold miles from east london to mumsy for a couple of cups of lovely hot splosh. It wonít be around much longer as have a nicer frame to move the bits over to but Little Peu will live on in some incarnation and will never be forgotten.

The specs: Late 80ís(?) Peugeot 501 steel. Wheels courtesy of Hubjub (cheers Will) Kogswell fixed rear and campy front laced to mavic cxp33 rims for the rough streets of London. Peugeot Track chainset sourced from your side of the big pond (lovely) with eggbeaters pushing 48x18. Yellow rolls saddle on original seatpost. ITM 14cm stem with Cinelli criterium bars wrapped in some 80s stripy Benotto bar tape. Tektro lever pulling a campy caliper in emergencies.

Paypal en route Dennis, stay amongst it.

Jonny teamsmokey@hotmail.com