Here's my latest, my do-it-all dream bike, The Horse With No Name (and yes, i've been through the desert on it). 2002 Trek 520 Touring frame (was my first "real" bike, I rode it coast-to-coast in 2002), Surly x-check fork, On-One midge bars, White ENO eccentric hub in the back for the vertical dropouts. 36x16 fixed, 36x18 free; spends most of the time on the fixed side. This is the only bike I really need and will probably be the one I still have after the others are gone; I'll be riding this thing when the apocalypse hits. This bike goes anywhere and does everything, on road or off, long or short, up or down.

Many thanks to Chris P. aka berkeleyfix for a deal on the ENO hub.

I've no PayPal myself but I've asked my friend Coda Hale to include my donation when he submits sometime soon. I'll also have an update to #1518 sometime soon, and maybe another new bike to follow...

Ride on, Jeremy Till Berkeley, CA