Hey all,

This is my workhorse which i hope will last me the next 30 odd years of my city commuting life and beyond.

Phil Wood & CXP33 wheels. EAI cogs. 48:16 & 18 on the other side. Full length mudguards - a mission to fit - with black zip ties and even two paperclips around the Dura ace front brake (in pic!). 175mm cranks. Profile airwing oversize bars. Planet X forks, stem & seat post (at 10 each!). Omnium sling frame cos it was cheapest large size available - i'm 6'3'' (and 85kg/187lbs - hence wheels, i've bust too many over the years, even careful mavic open pro/dura-ace...).

Other excellent features would have to be: the black scotchlite material all over it - one of pics i used flash for and that shows it at work! the bizarre Ringo-use-star & headset setup to 'eliminate use of star nut' - inspired by http://www.sheldonbrown.com/handsup.html - it allows me to change stems dead easily and move it up and down about without a problem... the Altura expanding saddlebag - up to 5 litres. V useful. I don't even need the quick-clip pannier i made for it. the specialized bg seat, only comfy one i've found thus far... and of course, last but not least, the specialized armadillo tires which rock! i've done 20k+ miles on one (front) and no puncture!! Eventually the rubber came loose from the tyre...

All weighing in at just under 10kg.

I like the fixed speed thing, my first fixed and i've done 3 months on it & 1,000+ miles & she's handling fine... i do travel faster to work and back now - IT makes me!! Good site, some mighty fine photos and bikes.

peace & cheers to y'all,

tom from Streatham, South London, UK www.harmlesswise.co.uk