Hi There--

Well, you finally did it, and got me to try riding fixed after forty+ years of gears. I got an old Fuji Tivoli off eBay, bought a Nitto Technomic there too, and got the Selle Italia saddle, reverse brake lever, brand-new SOMA cog, and MA-3/Formula rear wheel and a few other bits from the i-BOBs. She inherited the Bontrager Race Lite tires from my geared bike after I got that one Avocets, so the only store-bought part is the outer brake cable. My wife Gina pinstriped the lug edges (and took these pix--she's a photographer with some good stuff on her website at http://www.ginamorey.com). I put MKS GR-9 pedals on after we finished taking pictures, so she looks a little better now.

Some inlaws kicked in Xmas checks labeled "for the fixie project," so here she is.

Rode her around yesterday without tape or brakes, and again this morning to Hollywood Pro bicycles for the cable housing. Took her out to show off to LA after taping her up, and have been getting used to the glide. Wasn't as hard as I'd thought! So we'll see what happens....

Thanks for an inspiring site!

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