The FGG — as ever— continues to give the world a wealth of pretty bicyclettes to enjoy, and for that Dennis — I thank you!

This is my second submission; Last year I submitted my folding Raleigh Twenty (#2,373) which gave me the fixed bug; this Pug is a bit more conventional - no suicide hub this time!

Quick intro: This lovely 1985 Peugeot Premiere is/was my sister's bike, bought for touring the Pennine hills in the UK with her best friend in 1985; Post to that and college it returned to the nest and sat unhappily in a shed for the next 18 years. Until last month when I rescued the beautiful (though a little pockmarked now) pearl white frame with those fab 80s stripes, and brought it down to London to fix her up. She has a name by the way—Theony Cotterpin.

This is my first wheelbuild which has been great fun - other than that it has been pretty straightforward: stripped off mudguards, rack, wheels, derailleurs. Polished up and flipped the riser bars, restored original Weinemann front brakes, stem, headset and left the bb as it seems fine; Scored big-time with a half-price Brooks B17 saddle and Tiagra cranks on eBay. Rims are Mavic Open Pro with machined sidewalls; front hub is the original issue Maillard till I get some short enough spokes for a radial lace on the front of the pair of SJSC track hubs. (might get a freewheel for the other side too). Tyres are brownwall 20mm Wolber as I felt she needed to keep a bit of old skool style on her new-skool boots. Pedals are bog standard SPDs. Clipped in for the first time today. Not nearly as scary as I thought it would be...

Running 41t—>14t (I like palindromes at the velodrome!) which equals something around 75 gear inches according to Sheldon's calculator which is basically the same as on my 20" wheeled Raleigh and a good ratio for London. Drive comes via a bling gold SRAM PC-7x chain, joining a beautifully machined Thorn chainring and Dura Ace sprocket. Really happy with the flipped bars now wrapped with black cork and colour-coded electrician's tape, along with her smooth, silent, sure- footed and gliding ride. A cruise liner. She's a beaut!

Pix taken at nearby Finsbury Park, London just an hour ago. Big love to all FGers everywhere!