Here's the Setting Sun Special, named for the surfeit of (mainly Japanese) parts that adorn it. The frame was salvaged from the dump and is a New Zealand model, made in Taiwan under license, Raleigh Tri-Ace, from the days when Tri meant slightly detuned road geometry. I knocked off the braze-ons, brazed in a set of hangerless horizontal dropouts and painted the whole plot black. Not much to say about the parts, I'm a bike mechanic, so most of them are second hand, even the tyres. They're pretty good too, Serfas 700x23 somethingarathers, which handle the gravel roads hereabout OK.

Over summer I use it to commute 3 days or so a week. The round trip is about 40 flat miles, which is ideal for the fixxie. I run a 52x18, giving me a 78" gear, big enough to get me out of the saddle but not thigh busting. Today I got up a local hill with not much room to spare, but I save the big climbs for my geared tourer.

Thats about it.

Michael Toohey, Rangiora, New Zealand.