Hi Dennis

I saw the submision with Leo Tolstoy´s bike, 4114, and it looks alot like a bike I own but don´t know the origins of.

My bike is well built, the seat- and chainstays have a nice D-shaped crossection , the three main tubes are 28.6 in diameter, and seems to be thinwalled, it has grease ports on the bottombracket etc. And pegs on the fork for coasting... It was built in the era before the automobile, and I guess it must have been a very expensive product. Sadly it has been neglected for many years and there is some dents in the tubes, but it´s rideable and I cycled it 400 meters to take pictures in front of the building that used to be the ferry terminal for the steamers heading west at the time this bike was built!


Patrik Tegnér Goteborg Sweden patrik.tegner@comhem.se