Dear Fixed Friends, Here are some pix of my 1976 Mercian Superlight Track which I restored over the winter/spring of 2005/06. Mercian did a fabulous repaint job in Orange Pearl and though the original had more chrome (forks and 1/4 stays) the pitting was too bad to consider redoing. Everything is Campag Nuovo or Super Record if possible. Most important moving bits are new but generally avoided NOS premium picing. Wheels are original LF Record with Super Champion Arc en Ciel Rims. Barely used 165 NR Record Cranks came form Brisbane, Australia. Nigel Scott at Campyoldy provided new NR rings and Superleggeri Pista pedals at prices considerably less than modern day standards. Stem is 60's Cinnelli Badged and Bars are deeep no name with Benotti tape. It has run a successful season on the track in Dublin with a few mods - Conti Sprinter Tubs instead of the Vittoria Pistas not durable enough for tarmac track so were kept for Manchester Velodrome. The bars are now Nitto 125 with Velox White Tressorex cloth tape. Not so deep so saves the back during the scratch races. Double Toshi straps now keep feet in place permanently. Bottom bracket and wheels now have Grade 3 ceramic balls so it kicks and flies when required.

It was run at Manchester for the World Masters Championships but it's a bit of a handful at 55kmh so my modded Cervelo fixed was used instead. It will continue to be used for next years track season as the steel frame is so comfortable compared to the boneshaker Cervelo on the bumpy Sundrive Rd Track.

I've been riding fixed gear every winter for the past 5 years on an SJS Cromoly winter special. I had hoped to take up track last year but didn't get organised with a steed. The Mercian Superlight was a gem to find. I also own a Mercian Strada Speciale which is a winter wet weather trainer/tourer.

Keep up the good work on fixedgeargallery. It was a great inspiration when building this. Pix of my Cervelo and SJS fixies will appear as soon as I get my bits back off the other bikes!

Regards, Terry Cromer, Dublin, Ireland