Hi Dennis-- Thought I'd move out here to the wilds of central Idaho and continue to build useless track bikes. Just finished this the other day and did 40+ miles on it this morning to break it in. Mooed at the cows, brayed at the goats, got chased by a blue heeler and nearly crushed by a hay truck. Ah, the country... Anyhoo, this'll be #5 on the gallery, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. The nice boys at Refried Cycles in SF sent me this frame in exchange for currency, and I slapped some parts on 'er. Deda Pista bar/stem, FSA cranks, 28hole PW's to deep V's, and a carbon saddle (good for approx. 25 miles before things get bad) on a Salsa Shaft. Still need to cut down the steerer tube and I think it'll be done. Big shouts out to J&G Racing, Team Leche, and the Warlocks.

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