Hello Denis and all you other contributors to the site. Too much fun! Here's my second fix, a 1957 Rotrax rescued from the bike pile at the local recycling centre. The bike was built in Southhampton England and is frame number 57107, if anyone out there has any further information about Rotrax or this bike I would like to hear from them. The frame seems to be a road - track style and has no drillings for brakes. The wheels are modern as is the seatpost, but the frame, forks, bars and cranks are "as found". The frame has gorgeous head lugs, and is crying out for a restoration, but I don't have time for that now. Besides. I like the scruffy original look. How could anyone have thrown away a frame like this? The site is great fun and so are all the other bikes being converted. Very addictive, keep it up, perhaps we can fix the world!

Alan Bergamini, Motueka, New Zealand.