I love your website, I've always imagined that someday I would own a fixed gear bike worthy of inclusion.

I think I may have finally got one.

Here's my recently completed (as in last night) Shogun Kaze Fixed Gear Funny Bike. Original yellow, white, and red paint job inspired me tricking it out with a yellow seat, yellow and white handlebar tape, red chain, and red rear tire.

Parts Included:

Mostly Original Parts - at least they came on the bike when I got it...

* Original Shogun Kaze Time Trial Funny Bike Frame * Original Shimano 600 brakes (front and rear) * Original Shimano 600 cranks * Original Shimano 600 42t chainring * Shimano 600 24"x1 Clincher style front wheel (replaced during the 80s when the original owner wrecked in the middle of a time trial and tweaked out the original tubular style wheel). * Discovery 24"x1 Tire

Parts for fixing -

* Mavic CXP22 700c Back Wheel * Flip/Flop Hub * 14T Fixed Gear * Single Width Chainring Crank Bolts (to replace the double width bolts that were on the original) * Wellgo Platform Pedals

Parts for Tricking it out!

* Soma Urban Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebars * Crane Creek 200TT Brake Levers * Yellow and White Padded Handlebar Tape * Stella Italia Tako Seat (Yellow) * KMC "Z" Red Single Speed Chain * Schwable Blizzard Sport 700-23c RED tire  bradh@konamoxt.com