Hi Dennis, here are some pics of the rental bikes at the Velodrome in Sloten, Amsterdam, Holland.

The ones on the right in pic 002 are from Balk (LBS near the Velodrome. The owner, Klaas Balk, was national track champion in 1972): lugged steel frame, Miche (52/16 or 50/16 I guess, never bothered to count the teeth), KMC, Cinelli, Rolls saddle, Ambrisio or Rigida rims, soldered spokes, Michelin Pro2 Light tires.

The ones on the left are new alloy Giants, Dura Ace crankset, Miche hubs, Rigida Zenith rims, Pro bar/stem/seatpost, Vredestein Fortezza tires.

Just bring your own pedals and off you go on the 200m wooden track.

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