Straight outta Brompton! Hey Dennis: I believe this is may be first for the gallery; a folding fixie Brompton. This is my third fixie and is destined to become my travel bike extraordinaire.

The great thing about making it fixed-gear is the drop in weight compared to the stock bike, which is perfect for a travel bike when you need carry it about with you hands - say through an airport or on a train. I'm not a weight-weenie by nature but for this function it's definitely worth the diet; dropping from god-knows-what weight down to 8.8kg (19.5 lbs). A lot for a roadbike but positively anorexic for a folder.

Yes... yes - you *CAN* see a tensioner hiding round the back thereóbut it's needed to keep the chain from dropping when folding it up. Many said that a fixed Brompton couldn't be done but here it is, rolling well on 53ó>12 gearing and fully capable of all the usual fixed riding skills (ie leg braking, skids) Space in that rear triangle is very tight but somehow it all manages to fit in with only mm to spare for the lockring and spokes in the left dish.

Ride is grin-inducingly nimble and plenty fast at around 71 gear inches. And it folds teeny tiny in like 30 seconds. Yay to that.

Parts of note: 'Merc' Brompton clone frame (Alloy for teh lightness) Brompton Titanium seatpost, forks, rear triangle and assorted fixings Campagnolo Centaur carbon cranks Velocity 349 Aeroheat rims laced at home to: (The jewel) Phil Wood 110mm OLN Kierin track hub - Thanks Hubjub!) Pantour suspension front hub Brooks B17 Ti (butchered, *naturellement*) Stelvio slicks

Paypal on it's way. Thanks so much for taking the time to run this much-loved site. Kudos! Big love to the folding massive.