Hey Dennis,

I love the website and check it everyday.

Finally got around to shooting my own bike. Bought it second-hand a few years ago of a guy who raced it here on the Amsterdam velodrome. He was getting a new one on his pro contract. I later found out that he quiet suddenly died a month after selling this bike, so no chance that I am ever going to sell it. Ever... The bike looks pretty gritty in the pictures, because of winter-time conditions, but it's actually a thing of beauty. I get butterflies in my stomach every single time I ride it, which is almost every day.

The frame is pretty old, but I have no other info about the make than the TV initials marked in the seatstays. Some old man at the velodrome once mentioned a name of a semi-famous speedskater and trackcyclist turned frame builder that had TV for his initials, but I can't remember what it was. The frame is a true track geometry with a very nice compact and lightning-quick feel to it. I used the bike for a few seasons on the velodrome then decided to make it streetlegal. Most of the indoorparts are still on it though. Got a San Marco Rolls for more comfort, some street tires that match the grips, a pair of MKS pedals, a fork that takes a brake to save myself from run-ins with those damn tourists that step in front of your bike and a gearing that makes sense on the street. Miche crank and hubs. A big shout-out to Ido and Ibi at 90 square meters that helped me get my hands on the last few missing parts.

Grt, Bas