Here is the story of this bike!

SOOOO right before I bought my first fixed I bought a Cannondale Bad boy as a commuter bike. Well it never lived up to it's name (blew the tire in the first week, chain would fall off all the time, made ton's of noise etc.) I was kind of pissed. Also I loved my Swobo SOOOOO much I never rode it. Tried to sell it on CL but I wouldn't have got 1/2 of the new price (trust me I tried)

So I decided to make it fixed! I striped everything, sprayed the logos flat black (spray paint just blends right into the factory finish) and got it ready. I knew this was throwing out tons of expensive parts and that I would have to throw more money into it but... I like the process as much as the product...

I took the back wheel to Orange 20 in LA for a new rear hub, Eno eccentric from White Industries (in Black,) and a cog and lockring. The Eno hub is the only way to go to make a road frame (with vertical drop outs) into a fixed. They are expensive and getting the rear wheel laced was not cheap either.

The front is a 38 back is a 14 or 15. I also replaced the tires with IRO cross tires in RED 700x32. The grips are Orly's the front brake and lever are original. I really should get rid of the under top tube braze ons they look stupid but I am chicken to take a grinder to an aluminum frame. The bars and stem are replaced (I wanted something with more rise and not the weird Cannondale tube size.)

I took it off road for the first time Saturday. What a blast! The gear ratio is too high and I will be going to 36 or 34 in the front soon. I had to walk up a hill or two.

Now this is my 2'nd favorite bike (and #1 for off road use.) I am taking it up to Big Bear, CA tomorrow to ride around the lake and then go skiing.

Thanks Dennis