hi this is my first fixed-gear, road bike, and from-parts bike all rolled into one. I made it for couriering and general moving around in London. The frame is a 1973 Raleigh Richmond 60cm (slightly on the large side, but I'm not fussed) which came off ebay for 15. It had quite a lot of surface rust and wear, so I sanded off all the old paint, ground down all the cable-guides etc and rattle-canned it a pretty cool black satin, mainly to hide my dodgy painting skills! The wheels were put together by Monty Young at Condor, with continental gatorskins for tyres. Shimano BB/Headset put in by Tom at Bikefix. seat-tube and peddles were collecting dust at work so I put them to use. Stronglight crank/chainring, and nitto bars/quil from castle HubJub. Generic deep-reach Brake/goldfinger BMX brake-lever, (i rode without a brake around central for about 15 minutes before getting scared) specialized seat, (ive adjusted the angle since the photos were taken), no bar tape because I like shiny things. Gearing is 48/16, and feels perfect. Well even after riding it for one day I am completely blown away by how light/responsive/measured/powerful and really really fun this fixed bike is, I'm completely delighted with the results, especially after riding clunky/heavy/complicated mountain bikes since I was 8 (saw ET, learned to ride the next day).

love the site, so many brilliant bicycles to get ideas from! PayPal on the way.

-bobby whelan.

London, UK.