i've attached three photos of my favorite fixie: a 1967 formerly 3-speed schwinn "racer" complete with original matching fenders, chain guard, kickstand, handlebars [inverted] and hand grips. i've built it up with 1974 campy high-flange 36 hole triple-cross wheels, and shimano ultegra 165 mm cranks, and a bottom bracket insert allowing the durace bb to fit into the large diameter bb shell on the racer frame. for the sake of appearance, and for the benefit of the many others who want to try the bike out, i have retained the original rear brake, with its original brake lever. for thematic reasons, i topped it with an old blue schwinn bmx saddle. the thing weighs about 28 pounds, and i love it. it's geared with a 39 by 19, although the horizontal dropouts allow great gearing flexibility. the third photo shows my new motobecane track bike alongside the old schwinn. this old bike is such a comfortable bike to ride. i'm a lawyer; it's taken me to the courthouse many times. i love the worry-free aspect of the chainguard and kickstand. thanks for your time.

the mostly reverend grandpa kim the orphanage, des moines, iowa

--the mostly reverend grandpa kim the orphanage, capitol city, iowa

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