Dennis, here's my Surly Cross Check.

52 cm frame, Sugino 75 crank, Surly rear hub, Alex R390 rims, egg beaters; Brooks or Selle SLK saddle, and most of the other parts picked up from a gearly SurlyXcheck and the LBS trash heap...

The pictures are from home [logan,Ut] and other various locations over this summer.

Useful info: 117mm BB gives a nice chain line with the Sugino75 and the Surly fixed/free hub with 135mm rear spacing.

Maxing out a F^3 surly frame: Around town, during the snow and slush season, I run Panaracer's 45x700 Fire Cross [see pic with B.O.B.]. Yep they fit but... not by much. I'm using a half-link with my current gear set up [48x15] so that the axle is just a mm or two shy of the rear of the drop out - this also allows me to run [48x17] without putting on a different chain. Long story short - use 35x if you are going to be in the mud. It is very easy to rub through the paint with a little muck.

Dennis -- Thanks for the great site! Sorry it took almost 4years to get a post and check into the site. Special Thanks to all those in the forum that helped with the build of the bike and wheels!!! Ya'll are great! Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!!Nouvelle année heureuse!, Ike

Harold Ikerd Logan,UT