Brian Szykowny's Jeff Richmond

I bought the frame on craigslist from a guy in S. San Jose who (supposedly) had it built for him by Jeff Richmond, to race for Specialized. fillet brazed unknown type of steel, black sparkle paint, undrilled fork. this machine has the most responsive handling i have ever experenced, yet is extremely stable at high speeds and cornering. super predictable track skids. ridiculous power transfer with the disc. high bottom bracket + 61.5cm seat tube sits me face to face or above most drivers. i would probably kill over this bike.

carbon/titanium HED alps front wheel, suicide disc rear. dura-ace 172.5 njs cranks. thank you Chris Miller for the seat: flite. thank you Bicycle Works, napa, for the bars: WCS 44cm. thank you Recyclery for the stem: black. thank you fixed gear wizard for fixedgeargallery: great. Sonoma, CA. SFSU.

(p.s. if you want to restrict the entry to 5 photos remove 4 and 5. although, i would love to see them all posted. thanks!)